OpenAI Is Working on an AI-Powered Content Moderation System

openai content moderation system

Content moderation has always been tedious for human moderators, shifting massive content and filtering harmful material. This elongated work causes emotional distress among humans and consumes their time.

Thus, to address this problem and get faster policy updates, OpenAI has recently said that it is working on a system that will revolutionize content moderation using GPT-4 LLM. This system will use AI (Artificial Intelligence). This new system will also reduce the stress on humans. It will also offer other benefits, including interpreting and adapting intricate content policies in real-time.

 The best part is that this process has always taken months, but now it can be done in just a few hours. But, OpenAI still requires humans to supervise. For example, if a policy has been designed using OpenAI, policy experts would use human oversight to refine it until it meets their standards. In short, this OpenAI, when handled by a human operator, can improve an overall system’s efficiency.

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